01 July 2024

A robust pool of skilled data center technologists, of whom at least one fifth will be women, is the expected outcome of an ambitious partnership announced today between East African telecommunications leader Wingu Africa and pan African talent cloud technology company, Gebeya Inc.

The partnership will result in the certification of 1,000 young people in data center infrastructure and technologies within a year through a first-of-its kind talent cloud platform. The ground-breaking project aims to onboard, support, manage, skill, and certify these individuals in data center infrastructure and technologies.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Gebeya Inc. in this transformative initiative,” said Demos Kyriacou, co-founder and Deputy CEO of Wingu Africa. “Our partnership will not only enhance the skills of many individuals but will also create significant employment opportunities in the data center sector. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to develop skilled talent and drive technological growth across the continent.”

Key features of the talent cloud initiative are:

Onboarding and upskilling: The first phase involves onboarding 1,000 individuals and equipping them with skills in data center infrastructure and technologies. CompTIA, a respected American non-profit trade association, will provide the curriculum and content.

Talent matching: Once a pool of at least 100 skilled individuals is formed, the second phase will focus on matching these talents with employment or consultancy opportunities in the data center space.

Introducing ecosystem participants: The third phase will be to introduce talent, customers, and partners to utilize the Wingu data center and its ecosystem.

Expansion and sustainability: In the final phase, Gebeya will act as a node or distributor of domain names for numerous startups hosted within Wingu Africa’s infrastructure.

“Gebeya Inc. is the ideal partner for this initiative,” added Kyriacou. “Their talent management and technology expertise will help us build a pool of robust talent that will support our data centers in Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Tanzania. This partnership will also enhance our technical workforce and provide unprecedented opportunities for women in technology, with at least 20% of the talent pool being women.”

Amadou Daffe, CEO of Gebeya Inc., expressed his enthusiasm: “Partnering with Wingu represents a significant step forward in our mission to develop and deploy skilled talent across Africa. This talent cloud initiative will equip individuals with essential data center skills and create sustainable employment opportunities that drive economic growth in the region. We are excited to work alongside Wingu to make this vision a reality.”

The talent cloud initiative marks a significant step towards building a skilled workforce in East Africa’s data center industry. Both Wingu Africa and Gebeya Inc. are eager to begin this transformative journey and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the region’s technological landscape.