Single point of contact for the region

Our pioneering operations in Djibouti, the most connected location on the African continent, provide critical access for local enterprises and international clients. With our current expansion in the region underway, we aim to deliver purpose-built facilities in all key East African markets to provide clients with lower connection costs, better access and a powerful and growing ecosystem.

Most Connected

Our regional footprint offers the businesses we serve direct access to all sub-sea and regional cable systems. This provides outstanding network presence and interconnectivity to our ever-broadening customer base.

Carrier and cloud neutral

Our principles of carrier and cloud neutrality mean that we source the best-in-class solutions for our clients in the fastest possible time with the greatest degree of flexibility.

Proven expertise

Our management team has over a decade of expertise in Tier 3 African data center operations. We bring a track record of success in challenging conditions for the benefit of our clients.

Regional access

Our experience in multiple markets in East Africa goes back over a decade. Our unique ecosystem guarantees our customers ease of doing business and excellent service levels.

Internet exchange

The productivity and profitability of network operators and other clients are enhanced by our open and neutral peering points. These unrestricted points connect Africa to the world and the world to Africa.


Our ecosystem allows customers to tap into the critical mass of international and regional carriers, ISPs and networks which make up our customer base.


Africa GCCM

Our customers

We provide data center services to a growing list of the world’s largest ICT operators, content distribution networks and content providers.