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We service our clients through East Africa’s first and only Tier 3 carrier-neutral data center ecosystem, providing unparalleled access to cable systems, international carriers and cloud providers for international and regional connectivity.

We have leveraged our existing ecosystem of infrastructure and global and regional relationships to establish a network presence for our clients in the world’s fastest-growing region.


Our colocation services offer scalability, continuity, and the highest levels of security for your applications, data, and systems at any of our purpose-built, Tier 3 data center facilities. From extensive power back-up systems to complete fire detection and suppression, each facility is constructed to ensure your equipment’s safety, security and availability.

Backhaul and interconnection

Djibouti is the most connected place in Africa, with nine cable systems currently transiting the country and more planned. The service also includes direct access to potentially valuable business partners within our data centers and a direct connection to undersea cable providers. wingu customers in any data center can access any of these cables directly. We also provide data center-to-data center connectivity for access to cloud and content not currently housed in your location.

Rack space

Our data centers offer rack space as full or half racks. The supplied racks are APC Netshelter SX 42U of either 600mm or 750mm in width with a depth of 1070mm. The racks are secured to a solid floor while power and data cabling is supplied overhead. On special request, we can also offer caged areas and shelves for spare parts.

Private cabling

We make interconnection easier. Simply select your medium (fibre or UTP), confirm your interconnection partner, and provide details and documents to your customer contact person.


The facility offers 230V single-phase alternating current (AC) power and -48V direct current (DC) power. AC power is the standard electricity format of outlets, while DC power uses electrons that move in a straight line. In contrast to AC’s wave motion, this linear movement provides a consistent voltage.

We can also supply automatic power control, metered and switched power distribution units. Spares of these are kept at our facilities. DC power can be offered at any rack and customised to your requirements. AC and DC power is provided in separate A and B feeds, each backed up by batteries and generators.

Hardware management

We offer two options for access to your collocated equipment – either through a secure virtual private network or a dial-in phone line. Our colocation contracts include “smart hands” support, and more packages are available for extended support on a 24/7 hour basis.


Outsource your network expansion needs cost-effectively without allocating resources to establish a new presence in East Africa. Our data centers offer fully redundant application delivery management (ADM) hardware for customers who wish to build their networks quickly and economically. Our fully-managed ADM hardware service includes backhaul to any cable system, cross-connection and aggregations of services per your design requirements.


The Meet-Me-Room allows for fast, easy connection to any other customer in the data center or ecosystem. These connections are monitored and managed by the network operations center ensuring that connections are compliant with our service level agreement.

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