27 February 2022

wingu.africa group limited (“Wingu”) is pleased to announce the first phase of its Berbera, Somaliland carrier neutral data center was commissioned on 13 February 2021 and is now ready for service.

The facility is the first of its kind in Somaliland and is designed to meet Wingu’s customers’ growing demand for digital services.

The data center, as with all Wingu’s facilities, provides open-access to all customers and brings to Somaliland Wingu’s well-established commercial eco-system, developed over 10 years of operating history in East Africa. Local and international customers will benefit from this critical infrastructure, enjoying improved internet speed, reliability, resilience, and enhanced ability to access cloud-based services and other features.

Commenting on the experience of establishing Wingu’s first facility in Somaliland, Mr Anthony Voscarides, Group CEO, noted that “The support and responsiveness of key agencies, Ministries and the Government have been exceptional, allowing us to commission the facility in only five months.”

Mr Demos Kyriacou, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer, added, “The second phase for the Berbera data center is already under preparation and is expected to be operational later this year, as we have received encouraging interest from customers. We look forward to building our business and continuing to offer the highest quality services in the market.”

Wingu is a specialist carrier neutral data center owner and operator focused on East Africa, and the data center in Somaliland is the latest in a series of new locations being developed, including Addis Ababa, Dar es Salaam and a second facility in Djibouti.

For more information, please visit www.wingu.africa or email pr@wingu.africa

Copy of the press release here.