16 April 2024

Wingu Africa Group Limited is pleased to announce the successful fulfillment of all eligibility criteria required for the Tier III certification of its constructed facility. This achievement reinforces the Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering secure and resilient data center solutions, meeting the highest industry standards,” said Wingu Africa Group CEO, Anthony Voscarides.

Following the successful completion of the eligibility criteria for Tier III certification of its constructed facility, which followed the recent Tier III certification of Design Documents, this achievement marks a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to excellence and reliability in the data center industry.

The Tier III certification, a globally recognized standard by the Uptime Institute, affirms that Wingu Africa’s data center in the ICT park, Addis Ababa, meets the highest standards for concurrent maintainability and fault tolerance. This achievement demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing top-tier data infrastructure solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Wingu Africa Group Limited has consistently prioritized its commitment to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of its data center services. Achieving Tier III certification for both Design Documents and the constructed facility is a testament to the company’s
meticulous planning, engineering prowess, and adherence to industry best practices. Furthermore, it showcases the investment commitment that the group has in East Africa.

The attainment of this certification represents a significant milestone in Ethiopia’s digital transformation journey, signifying the nation’s strengthened readiness to embrace the opening up of telecommunications and the financial sector. It underscores Ethiopia’s steadfast commitment to advancing its technological capabilities and positioning itself as a dynamic hub for innovation and development, ready to compete on the global stage.

The Tier III certification process involves rigorous evaluation of the facility’s design, construction, and operational capabilities, ensuring that it can withstand maintenance activities or unexpected failures without impacting critical IT functions. Nicholas Lodge, Chief Strategic Officer at Wingu Africa Group Limited, highlighted the significance of the group’s investment.

“This significant investment underscores our commitment to bringing the highest quality digital infrastructure to Ethiopia and East Africa, to allow our customers to get access to the best digital solutions and at the same time play our part in helping countries, such as Ethiopia, in their digital transformation journeys,” he added.

Wingu Africa Group Limited extends its gratitude to all stakeholders, including employees, partners, and clients, for their ongoing support and collaboration in achieving this certification. The company remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge data solutions that empower businesses across the region.