25 November 2022

Data center facilities that run entirely independent of network providers are known as carrier-neutral data centers or carrier hotels. A data center that does not have an affiliation to any specific network partners can call on a wide range of providers for services. This allows carrier- neutral data centers to offer a diverse network infrastructure to their clients. This is an important feature for current and future clients. If you aren’t familiar with a colocation data center, we’ll break down how this and more specifically a carrier neutral data center can be beneficial for you and your business. A colocation provider offers physical storage and virtual data storage for different people, businesses, and industries. Storing all your important data inside a trusted data center facility can be more cost-efficient than running your own private data center. Data centers are only one part of the infrastructure. The other side of the coin is the internet service providers or ISPs. These providers connect business’ networks to the internet, thereby enabling businesses to reach their customers to offer goods and services. Because carrier neutral colocation providers aren’t tied down to and operated by a specific internet service provider, it can offer more connectivity options to its clients, including cloud services.

Single carrier facilities have significant restrictions and limitations. A single carrier facility usually offers limited choices in connectivity. It wouldn’t make any sense for a single carrier facility to allow its users to connect with another internet service provider. Users aren’t given the same flexibility they would have if they were in a carrier neutral facility. Not only are the connectivity options limited, but they could also be subject to sudden service or price changes.

There are many benefits of a carrier neutral data center facility. The first one is the savings in cost. Carrier neutral facilities can offer lower prices because having multiple internet service providers in the mix forces the ISPs to keep their prices low. ISPs are essentially bidding for your business. If a customer isn’t satisfied with a particular ISP within the carrier neutral data center, they can switch to another ISP without interruption. Whether it be a price increase or reduced bandwidth, if a customer isn’t happy, they can switch to one that works for them. Customers can also choose specific details and offerings from different ISPs depending on their personal business needs. Flexibility is a key factor and benefit when it comes to carrier neutral data center providers. As your business grows, so do its needs. Companies need a service provider that can offer scalability. Carrier neutral data center providers give users the ability to grow, and if they have outgrown a certain provider, they have the potential to find an ISP that can meet their needs and still be under the same data center provider. Whether your business is large or small, carrier neutral data center providers may be the best choice for you. Carrier neutral data center providers are not only flexible, but they are dependable as well.

One of the most important aspects of a data center is the ability to have 100% uptime. Companies could potentially lose a lot of business if their servers go down. Carrier neutral data center providers can offer users ISP redundancy that single carrier data centers cannot. Having connections to multiple carriers and critical IT systems. Even if one carrier has an outage another carrier could potentially keep systems running. Also having multiple ISPs together can supply better security for all their customers. Carrier neutrality, then, is an essential factor to look for when outsourcing your data center or seeking interconnection services, as in the end, it provides the benefit of both cost-efficiency and a greater degree of connectivity than you could find anywhere else. If your provider isn’t carrier-neutral, it may very well be time to look for another provider who is.

All Wingu Africa’s data centres are carrier-neutral, providing customers many options of connectivity to many carriers and options for their business. Being able to connect with multiple carriers in our data centres enables redundancy, optimal uptime, and cost-efficiency, all of which are great benefits to any business seeking to outsource their data center. When selecting a data center or colocation provider, one of the most important things to understand is internet bandwidth or data transfer bandwidth. One of the easiest ways to understand bandwidth is by thinking about it as a water pipe, but instead of water passing through it’s your data. The larger the pipe, the faster the water, or in this case, data can pass through. Companies that choose to use a data center provider in Africa can take advantage of this resource. This gives companies the ability to have faster internet connections which allow their sites to load faster. If you are like many other people, visiting a website that slowly pushes you towards looking for another faster website with similar content. Having a slow website could make your company lose some business. Bandwidth is important and knowing how much you may need is just as important. There are a couple of factors including average page views, average daily visitors, average page size, and more. A trusted data center provider can help you with all this information and help you decide how much you will need.

Another important part of internet connection speed is the internet backbone. This is where the fastest and largest networks are linked together by high-performance routers and fiber optic connections. Choosing the internet backbone for bandwidth is crucial. The cost will always be a deciding factor for many businesses but finding a quality internet backbone that works for your budget is possible. Because bandwidth is widely available, colocation providers can find you what you need with your budget. Look for a trusted data center provider that can find you the best performance for your budget. Carrier neutral data centers can offer you the same connectivity as a single carrier data center with better flexibility, better reliability, and at a lower cost. The ability to grow and scale your specifications as needed is an important part of any company looking to flourish. To be able to do all of this and offer more reliability and at a lower cost is why carrier neutral data centers are helping so many businesses.