07 March 2023

Sudatel, Sudan’s largest fixed broadband supplier and owner of Sudani One, Sudan’s second-largest mobile network, has announced its participation in the DjIX platform at Wingu’s Djibouti Data Center. Sudatel will be connected to the DjIX platform through its international company, Expresso, starting in March 2023, and immediately open to peering with operators and content providers. This move is expected to improve internet connectivity performance and user experience for customers.

According to a Sudatel spokesperson, “This partnership between wingu.africa and Sudatel will enable the two companies to collaborate in the development of an integrated ICT ecosystem that will enhance the end-user experience for customers in the region.”

wingu.africa, through its network of Tier III carrier-neutral data centers, across four key East African markets, has created a regional ICT ecosystem that improves the end-user experience for all users in the region. Operators peering locally and regionally can reduce the distance information has to travel, increasing the performance of internet connectivity. This increase in performance translates to a better end-user experience for customers using these networks.

From Wingu’s highly-connected, carrier-neutral facility Sudatel will be able to enhance the services offered and improve the end-user experience for customers in Sudan.

The commercial relationship between wingu.africa and Sudatel will help drive economic growth and development in the region by providing improved access to high-quality internet services. The collaboration will also support the creation of new businesses and job opportunities, benefiting local communities and contributing to the overall growth and development of the region.

“We welcome Sudatel onto the DjIX platform and encourage other operators in the region to connect to the platform and start peering with regional and international operators,” said Anthony Voscarides, Wingu Group CEO. “Together, we can create a more connected and prosperous future for the people of Sudan and the wider East African region.”

wingu.africa and Sudatel look forward to working together to deliver innovative and high-quality ICT services that will improve the lives of people in Sudan and the wider East African region.