17 May 2023

A well-established transportation and hailing services company in Ethiopia, RIDE, is the latest to benefit from the ecosystem of wingu.africa’s data centers.

As part of the new partnership, RIDE will use the wingu.africa data center to host its services, including the RIDE App, which allows users to hail a ride on demand or pre-book for later use. A new point of presence (PoP) that RIDE will establish in the wingu.africa data center will provide users with improved network availability and resilience.

wingu.africa’s state-of-the-art data centers provide a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure for companies looking to expand their online presence. The company has a long history of providing top-quality data center solutions and is dedicated to helping organizations in Africa achieve their digital goals. With the addition of RIDE to its dynamic commercial ecosystem across its multiple data centers, wingu.africa continues to strengthen its position as a leader in the African technology infrastructure market.

RIDE has been operating in the transportation industry since 2014, providing safe, affordable, and convenient transportation solutions through technology. The company has built an impressive client list that includes foreign embassies and consular offices, private companies, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, NGOs, and schools. RIDE’s core values center around accountability and transparency, which have made the company trusted by its partners and clients across the city.

The RIDE App also features detailed trip reporting and finance-consolidating tools that help users manage their budgets efficiently in real time. The collaboration between wingu.africa and RIDE will bring together the best of both worlds, combining wingu.africa’s state-of-the-art data center with RIDE’s expertise in transportation and hailing services. This new addition to the ecosystem will benefit both companies and provide a powerful platform for organizations looking to expand their digital presence in Africa.

wingu.africa’s facilities are carrier-neutral, allowing customers to connect with cable systems, international carriers, cloud providers, and connectivity players. The company’s experience and expertise have helped it build an ecosystem of content creators and other partners, enabling it to provide easy, fast, reliable, and secure data delivery and access to end consumers. With state-of-the-art facilities and an unwavering commitment to customer service, wingu.africa is the partner of choice for businesses across the region.

For more information about wingu.africa’s data center colocation services, please visit our website at wingu.africa.