08 November 2023

The ICT Park, a visionary corporation leading Ethiopia’s digital transformation journey, is excited to unveil an exclusive conference, centered around “Optimizing the data center service ecosystem for the financial sector and technology start-ups.” This momentous conference took place on November 8, 2023, at the Sheraton Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This event was undertaken in close collaboration with Wingu Africa Data Center Plc, a distinguished investor within the ICT Park’s dynamic ecosystem.

The ICT Park has embarked on a mission to craft an ecosystem that acts as a catalyst for Ethiopia’s digital transformation journey. In its relentless pursuit of this transformation, the Park has undergone a substantial reinvention, re-imagining both its infrastructure and purpose. A cornerstone of this transformation is the cultivation of partnerships with diverse industry players, and this conference stands as a shining example of the power of such collaborations.

This exclusive conference was meticulously designed to cut into and harness the dynamic intersection of finance and technology, particularly in the domain of data center services. As the digital landscape evolves at breakneck speed, the ICT Park plays a pivotal role, offering essential services, robust infrastructure, and vital resources to energize and bolster both the financial and technology sectors.

Furthermore, this prestigious event cast an illuminating spotlight on the Ethiopian business landscape, where the ICT Park serves as a vibrant hub of innovation and technological advancement. During the event participants and experts scrutinized and analysed the profound impact of data center ecosystems on issues pertaining to security, legal compliance, and data sovereignty, all of which stand as paramount pillars of the digital era.

The vision set forth by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister aligns seamlessly with the conference’s objectives, emphasizing the significance of shared infrastructure and the enhancement of public digital infrastructure. This strategic approach hinges on the establishment of common standards and the application of world class emerging technologies.

The presence of a carrier-neutral data center is vital for Ethiopia to fit with global trends and requirements for carrier-neutrality and open access. Wingu’s data center will also support initiatives to bring additional data capacity to Ethiopia through connectivity to global fiber optic cable systems, while also enticing major content providers such as Meta, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba, Microsoft, and Google.

The conference was thoughtfully structured to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange among industry leaders, equipping them with the essential tools required to align their businesses with the ever-evolving technology and service landscape.

This exclusive session was the inaugural installment of a series of gatherings planned by the ICT Park to foster dialogue among digital and corporate ecosystem players, leading to diverse business propositions. Wingu Africa Data Center, a prominent investor in the ICT park and responsible for developing and bringing the first carrier neutral data center to Ethiopia firmly believes that enabling such sessions will forge a deeper understanding of resource distribution, how different stakeholders can mutually benefit, and how they can contribute to the nation’s digital transformation journey.