21 Apr 2022

Wingu Group is proud to announce the commissioning of one of its newest projects, Ethiopia’s first Carrier Neutral Data Center located in the ICT Park, Addis Ababa. On Wednesday, 23rd of March Wingu hosted a launch of its Tier 3 facility which is designed to host up to 800 racks on completion of all phases, with a maximum power requirement of up to 10MW. The key elements of power supply and fiber connectivity are securely provided, providing customers with the highest level of confidence in uninterrupted service:

  • Power delivery is via two separate sub-stations and two physically separated feeds ensuring maximum availability. In case of multiple utility failures, Dual UPS and dual generators will power the site without interruption until utility power is restored.
  • Data connectivity to the site will be supplied by in-country ISP, Websprix, and Ethio telecom using multiple fibre paths. This ensures reliable customer access to the Ethiopian national and metro networks.

International IP and cloud services are available through international suppliers accessed with redundant cross-border optical circuits. Customers co-located at the Wingu facilities can access the IX platform, which is a web of interconnected switching platforms that route traffic via the shortest path ensuring the fastest response times and best user experience possible. IX platforms within the Wingu regional IX fabric are interconnected providing access to the unique Wingu ecosystem of content and services.

Unique to Ethiopia, the Wingu ecosystem leverages the group’s 10 years of award-winning data center presence in Djibouti. Content providers, large multi-national carriers, and financial institutions are present and connected to the DjIX, one of Africa’s largest and most successful Internet Exchanges, hosted in Djibouti at the Wingu data center and soon to be available from the Wingu Addis Ababa facility. This combination of connectivity is key to user experience and internet performance. Customers in the Addis Ababa data center can access customer networks and suppliers from other data centers and IX platforms within the Wingu ecosystem.

These suppliers will be connected to international cables (EAssy, Seacom, SMW-3, SMW-5, IMEWE, AAE1, EIG, Yemen-Djibouti, and DARE) via various international routes using either their own networks or as part of the Wingu ecosystem. Future Cables include Blueraman, Peace, and 2Africa, ensuring scalable international capacity availability for the growing ICT requirements of Ethiopia.

The Addis Ababa facility is secured by both mechanical and human means. Security is provided by access control systems and security personnel ensuring that your data and equipment remains safe at all times. Fire suppression systems ensure that equipment and data will remain unharmed in the case of any event.