10 June 2024

Addix Technology Solutions, Ethiopia’s first internet exchange point (IXP), and operated under the supervision and guidance of the Ethiopian Communications Authority (ECA), is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Wingu Africa data center. This collaboration will see the IXP hosted within Wingu Africa’s carrier-neutral data center facility in ICT Park, Ethiopia, marking a significant milestone for the nation’s digital ecosystem development endeavors.

The new IXP will significantly improve the reliability and accessibility of Internet exchange services throughout Ethiopia. Mobile network operators, content providers, educational institutions, and public and private organizations utilizing online applications will all benefit from improved traffic exchange within the country. This translates to a better internet experience for users and reduced costs associated with international bandwidth.

This achievement opens exciting new possibilities for institutions to directly exchange data traffic with a wider range of local, regional, and international networks. This presents a unique opportunity for businesses in the connectivity, cloud service, and enterprise sectors seeking fast and affordable access to Ethiopia’s flourishing internet ecosystem.

Beyond the immediate benefits, this collaboration signifies a long-term commitment to fostering Ethiopia’s digital economy. By establishing this internet exchange point, ADDIX and Wingu Africa aim to position Ethiopia as a regional hub for content and interconnection, propelling the nation to the forefront of digital transformation.

The chairperson of the ADDIX board and CEO of Ethiopian IT Park Corporation, Mr. Henok Ahmed highlighted the importance of this partnership, stating ADDIX’s commitment to working with Wingu Africa to revolutionize Ethiopia’s digital landscape. He emphasized that digital infrastructures and solutions like ADDIX are manifestations of Ethiopia’s digital transformation being on the right track, opening the door to numerous opportunities.

Wingu Africa Group CEO, Anthony Voscarides, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting their dedication to fostering better connectivity and digital transformation in Ethiopia. Mr. Voscarides views ADDIX’s presence within its data center as a stepping stone toward a digitally interconnected Ethiopia.